Chandra Nandini 16th August 2017 Written Update

Chandra Nandini 16th August 2017 Written Update by Tanaya

Chandra Nandini 16th August 2017 Written Episode

16 Aug

Chitra says when will this moon be out,dadi says not so soon come let me narrate you a story,and says moon is sign of love, every relation on this earth is incomplete without love. Kartikeya remembers reading a Sanskrit poem on love and dharma helps him translate,he sees dharma in the hall and it reminds of his meet. Bindusara hugs dharma thinking it’s charumati,charumati starts laughing and says happens and says I gave her my old clothes thinking she may get a chance to wear rich clothes,how long will she be in us,like this,dharma says I’m sorry,and about to leave,Kartikeya walks to dharma but Elis takes him away and says so it was you outside the room,adornus says so did you like any princess,Bhadra hears this and says so it was you and I had to hear to Chitra,Chitra
hears this and asks dharma to call him.

Chitra says sorry Bhadra,Bhadra says beautiful girls don’t apologies and you look so cute,Chitra blushes.chandra says Nandini I have an hope,I will find you,It’s raining heavily,Nandini let’s the diya in water,and prays I wish my love and my identity is found. The moon is out and all are excited,bindusara and charumati praying,charumati to step on a Scorpio,dharma sees it and step in and bindusara sees her reflection in water,charumati gets angry and scolds her,dharma holding the Scorpio in hand,bindusara says you are just a dasi by wearing her clothes you won’t be her,you broke charumatis heart,dharma feels bad and leaves,Helina says don’t worry we shall perform it again,Kartikeya follows dharma.

Chandra says my heartbeats say that you are alive,the diya comes to Chandra and he looks at it,and picks it up and looks around to find who must have lite it and sees Nandini,and shouts Nandini,Nandini hears this and turns around and sees Chandra and hides and runs away.chandra swims across the river to other bank,Nandini hides,Chandra says where did she go and why didn’t she see me,Chandra sees nandinis footsteps and tries to reach, he sees Nandini running towards mahal.

Dharma in corridor crying,Kartikeya stops her and says bindusara has to apologise,he might be prince but he cant treat a girl this way,dharma says no us,he won’t understand,I’m here to help my people in Champa and once they marry I shall go away,Kartikeya sees dharmas hand injured and helps her aid it,Elis sees them and is very angry and cracks a glass in her hand.

Nandini gets into the mahal,Chandra thinks why didn’t Nandini stop and why is she in mahal and if in mahal why was she away from me,where was she,now I have Nandini,my faith won,thankyou god,Chandra asks guards did you see Nandini go in from here,guard says no we didn’t,Chandra says what do you mean,are you blind ,cant you see who walks in and who doesn’t,my Nandini is back and Chandra walks calling her out,guards says maharaj is gone crazy in her love.

Chandra says Nandini you are back. Nandini changes and hides her clothes,dharma walks in and starts crying,Nandini asks what’s wrong. Chandra looking for Nandini all around the mahal and says I know she must have gone to see bindusara. Nandini says don’t cry let me get you some water. Chandra dashes Nandini,her face is covered,nandinis duppata falls but Chandra doesn’t see her,Chandra turns and says I’m sorry,I was so happy to see Nandini,I was looking for her since so many years,im going to see her now.

Bindusara remembers seeing dharma and hugging her and then sindoor episode,Chandra walks in,bindusara says leave me alone,Chandra says it’s me,bindusara says sorry,yes tell me,Chandra says she is here you have made it so dark how will she see you,let me light your room,bindusara asks who,Chandra says your mother,bindusara says no ma is with adornus ,Chandra says I meant,bindusara tell me where were you,why weren’t you with ma,Chandra says this means she isn’t here,bindusara asks who,Chandra says Nandini,bindusara says she is dead,she won’t be here,but you never understand,Chandra says she is alive,and I saw her today,in this mahal,but where did she go,dasi call ever women in mahal in the Sabha.

Dharma asks ma why are you so scared and where’s water,Nandini says king Chandragupta saw my face, dasi informs there’s Sabha please be there.

Pre cap : in Sabha,Chandra says bindusara your mother is here, I saw here and checks every women’s face.

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  1. Nallini Ravindran
    August 19, 01:35 Reply

    Your comment..I agree with Jbattom and Mera. 1) Why Bindusar is not told the truth about his mother’s death by his granny and others?
    2) Nandni’s character is of a strong and brave lady. Why is she being made to suffer always?
    3) Chandra and Helena had not been living together, then where did Adorns and Elis come from?
    4) Please stop Nandni’s sufferings and tears. She has suffered for too long!!

  2. Jbattom
    August 16, 21:08 Reply

    How can he love nandini so much and not have a child with her .we no dharma is not her daughter helina that is the enemy has child and more right more than nandini. And also nandini has to be angry and slap bindusoor when she meet I no u guys will say she will beg him that she’s not the one that killed his mother. But is she beg him no one from my family will watch chandra nandini agian. Director can’t be giving her good side to act .she has to be brave to deal with helena and bindusoor

  3. Mera
    August 16, 18:40 Reply

    I This show is pissing me know
    1 why Moora suddenly Started hating nandni , she appolizige nandni Moora knew nandni did not kill dhurdhra why mooraknew how much nandni suffered all her life even her father assisnated nandni asks my father committed crime
    2 why grand ma Moora Chandra chankaya did not tell the truth that nandni did not kill your mother apama did kill, and you are alive cause of nandni
    3. How come all of them let binduser keep hating her mother , dharma is binduser’ sister
    5 chankya is such a smart man why he ca t figure out apama’ politics
    It seems jodha Akbar and Chandra nandni show have same writer
    Lot of story,ans scene are copied from JA

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