Haasil 19th January 2018 Written Update

Haasil 19th January 2018 Written Update by MA

Haasil 19th January 2018 Written Episode

Aanchal is climbing the temple stairs. Kabir looks at her. Men sitting there talk that the lady is climbing the stairs wearing bridal clothes with much difficulty. Kabir tries to help her, but she denies to take his help. Kabir says we came here for Bade. Aanchal climbs the stairs. Ranvir comes there and sees Kabir with Aanchal. Aanchal is about to faint, but Kabir holds her. They enter the temple together. The temple Mata blesses their Jodi and tells that she never got married, and blesses the couple who came there, says nobody can separate you both. Kabir tries to speak, but stops. Ranvir calls her and tries to go, but is stopped by the crowd. Mata covers them with holy chunari. Ranvir gets angry. Aanchal and Kabir leave.

In the night, Ranvir comes to the Mata and says it is a saying that whoever

climbs these stairs get together for forever. Mata says yes. He holds her hand and climbs the stairs with her. Mata asks him to leave her. He pushes her off the stairs and she falls down. He gets down the stairs and asks her not to predict again, gives her money for treatment. Mata says you can’t change destiny written by God. Ranvir says I will kill God and all the persons coming in between Aanchal and me.
Aanchal thinks about Mata’s words. Sarika comes there and thanks her for going to temple. She says all marriage rituals are done, congratulates for the wedding. Aanchal asks Ranvir if he came to temple and asks why didn’t you tell me. Ranvir says you had to climb the temple stairs with me and you climbed with Kabir. Aanchal says you are not trusting me. Ranvir holds her face and says I just love you. Aanchal recalls Rupali asking her to accept Ranvir. Ranvir kisses on her shoulder and asks her to take his name. He makes her rest on bed and asks her to take his name. Kabir cries and feels pain of losing her. He hugs Jatin and cries. Ranvir holds her hand and gets closer asking her to take his name. Aanchal takes Kabir’s name. Ranvir breaks the things in the room and says he is Ranvir. He acts obsessive. Aanchal gets scared.

Ranvir asks Kabir to come with him. Kabir offers to change the tyre. Ranvir makes the car slips on Kabir’s hand intentionally. Aanchal sees that and shouts. When they bring Kabir home, Aanchal tells Sarika about Ranvir doing it intentionally.

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